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The Wynn's Extended Care Service Contract provides factory-like protection against the cost and inconvenience of unexpected repairs on the components of new and late model, pre-driven vehicles. The protection includes towing, auto rental, a toll free hotline for use nationally, and Roadside Assistance.

The Wynn's Plus Service Contract is a program that protects the 12 major mechanical systems in a vehicle with comprehensive coverage from the first day of purchase and throughout the customer's selection of a 12, 24, or 36 month service contract period. It is the perfect "plus" to add to the purchase of a pre-driven vehicle of median age and mileage to maximize your peace of mind and minimize disruption of your schedule and budget.

The Wynn's Product Warranty program gives you smart protection for the internally lubricated components of a vehicle like the engine, transmission, reardrive or transaxle, and power steering. When optional products are purchased, covered parts also include air conditioner, fuel system, cooling system, turbocharger, and 4-wheel drive. The program, consisting of a full supply of specially formulated chemicals designed to prevent the breakdown of lubricated parts, is especially well suited for higher mileage vehicles.

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